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Audition Notice 

Torquay Theatre Troupe Presents:

*A Skull in Connemara*, by Martin McDonagh, Directed by Glen Barton 

Auditions held Thursday 11 December, from 7.30 pm 

*A Skull in Connemara* is the second of Martin McDonagh's renowned Leenane Trilogy, set in a rural Ireland so blighted by rancour, ignorance and spite, that even the local priest admits God Himself seems to have no jurisdiction here. Martin McDonagh recaptures the violence, humour and darkness of the Ireland of his childhood in this searing trilogy. 

*A Skull in Connemara* is full of a stinging delight in itself, is self-consciously black and packed with nastiness, linguistic wit and gratuitous skull smashing. The play follows the story of Mick Dowd, a gravedigger charged each autumn with disinterring bones from his local cemetery to make space for new tenants. When Mick has to dig up the grave of his wife, dead these past seven years, it unearths muffled rumours about Mick’s role in her sudden death. 

Characters to be Auditioned: 

Mick Dowd. A gravedigger in his 50s, he served his time for the drink driving incident that killed his wife seven years ago, but the rumours have always lingered that his role was much more sinister. 

Maryjohnny Rafferty.Female. Late 50s-early 70s. Mick's drinking buddy, local gossip. Marryjohnny's verbal jousting with Mick is one of the treasures of this play. 

Mairtin Hanlon. Late teens, early 20s. Mairtin is a scattered but fervent young man charged by Father Walsh to help Mick with this year's disinterment. 

Thomas Hanlon. Mid-late 30s. Mairtin's older brother, and village policeman, who dreams of making a name for himself and rising to more glorified detective work. 

All of these characters are rich and provide actors with a chance to explore humour and malevolence in a script that plays with language and violence with free abandon. All the characters will need to perform a credible County Galway accent, but there'll be plenty of support in 
developing this. 

Rehearsals start in late Feb, and will initially be Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon. Monday evening rehearsals will kick in in early April. Performance dates May 21, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30. 

To book in for an audition, call Glen Barton on 0450 587 479. Alternative times can be arranged by appointment if necessary.



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Office-bearers and Committee members 2013-2014:

  • Maryanne Doolan - President
  • Gay Bell - Vice President
  • Terry Roseburgh - Secretary
  • Peter Whitnall - Treasurer


  • Carleen Thoernberg
  • Michael Baker
  • Jaz Cornish
  • Claire Ramsay
  • Glen Barton
  • Fred Preston

Many thanks to the outgoing Committee for yet another successful year and a growing Troupe.



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