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This is our home and yours for all information about the Troupe's activities.


The Surf Coast Shire is undertaking a feasibility study into an Arts space for the Shire. Your local Theatre group (Torquay Theatre Troupe Inc.) needs support from local performing arts groups and participants to let the Council know of the need for a small to medium performing arts centre where you or your children can rehearse and perform locally. No more driving into Geelong several days a week!

Please do one or more of the following to show your support:

  1. write an email to the Mayor the Surf Coast Shire ( saying that you support a Torquay Arts space (e.g. music, theatre,dance, exhibition) and that you would use it. (you can use the words below or use your own)

    Dear Mayor,

    I understand that your Council officers are currently undertaking a feasibility study into an Arts space in the Shire. I / my child/ren participate in performing arts. I support the development of an arts space in Torquay for local performances by local and visiting groups. Art and culture deserve equal support with sport and business in a growing, developing community. Please support a local performing arts space. I will support it too.

  2. tell your friends to send a message ( telling the Council that you or your children participate in performing arts (e.g. dance, theatre, music, puppetry, magic, mime, circus) and that you would make use of aperformance facility in Torquay

  3. send an email to the Shire office ( to let them know that you support a local performing arts facility because it would attract more and better travelling shows to Torquay and would generate business in the area.

  4. explain to a Councillor ( that performing arts, art and culture are as important to the local community as sporting facilities and should attract Council support in the same way.

Thank you!



Torquay Theatre Troupe is delighted to be able to announce for you the cast of our first play for 2015, A Skull in Connemara, by renowned Irish playwright, Martin McDonagh. Thanks to everyone who auditioned – great amount of talent in our region, which is very pleasing for the future of the performing arts in Torquay and beyond! 

We are really excited about this cast – it’s going to be a fantastic play, including some exceptional talent. Without further ado, here they are:
Mick Dowd – Fred Preston
Maryjohnny Rafferty – Lisa Berry
Mairtin Hanlon – PJ White
Thomas Hanlon – Lachlan Vivian-Taylor
Director – Glen Barton
Producer – Gay Bell
… More details on crew and creative collaborators to follow. 

We started rehearsals in early March, and the performance dates are as follows (so get your tickets early as our last few plays have sold out!!):
Thursdays, May 21 and 28, 8pm
Fridays, May 22 and 29, 8pm
Saturdays, May 23 and 30, 8pm
Sunday Matinee, May 24, 2pm

Tickets for the Show will be on sale in a bit from Torquay Visitor Information Centre at Surfworld – we’ll keep you posted!!

*A Skull in Connemara*, by Martin McDonagh, Directed by Glen Barton 

*A Skull in Connemara* is the second of Martin McDonagh's renowned Leenane Trilogy, set in a rural Ireland so blighted by rancour, ignorance and spite, that even the local priest admits God Himself seems to have no jurisdiction here. Martin McDonagh recaptures the violence, humour and darkness of the Ireland of his childhood in this searing trilogy. 

*A Skull in Connemara* is full of a stinging delight in itself, is self-consciously black and packed with nastiness, linguistic wit and gratuitous skull smashing. The play follows the story of Mick Dowd, a gravedigger charged each autumn with disinterring bones from his local cemetery to make space for new tenants. When Mick has to dig up the grave of his wife, dead these past seven years, it unearths muffled rumours about Mick's role in her sudden death. 

Performance dates May 21, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30. 


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Images from some TTT events & performances. 




Office-bearers and Committee members 2013-2014:

  • Maryanne Doolan - President
  • Gay Bell - Vice President
  • Terry Roseburgh - Secretary
  • Peter Whitnall - Treasurer


  • Carleen Thoernberg
  • Michael Baker
  • Jaz Cornish
  • Claire Ramsay
  • Glen Barton
  • Fred Preston

Many thanks to the outgoing Committee for yet another successful year and a growing Troupe.



Recent productions:

  • Cosi
  • 12 Angry Jurors
  • Breaker Morant

Click here for images from 'Breaker Morant'.

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