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Let's play!

This is our home and yours for all information about the Troupe's activities.

Next play?

Day Trippers

The mid-year one-act play is now in rehearsal and will be coming up in early August. "Day Trippers" will be showing at a couple of local venues (by special arrangement) and then for members of the public at Frontbeach Cafe on Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th August. Look out for posters which contain details of the prices, booking details and additional information about this great night out of food and entertainment.

Click to see details of Day Trippers

November season?

Strangers on a train

The play for November has been selected and auditions are coming up as follows:


Strangers on a Train by Craig Warner
Directed by Michael Baker

When:       Sun August 10 at 5:30pm
Where:      16 Price St. Torquay

Roles: 5 Males 20s to 50s 2 Females 20s, 40–50
Technical and backstage crew also required

Contact: Michael Baker on 0413040976 for further information
Performance dates:     Nov 13, 14, 15, 16 (matinee), 20, 21, 22
Rehearsals: Thursdays 7.15, Sundays 5.00, and some Mondays 7.15


The Troupe's Annual General Meeting will be held in early September.

2015? Classic plays including comedies, dramas and thrillers are coming your way.

Click here for a page about the last play - "12 Angry Jurors"

Shortcut to play review - July 2014


Here's a link to results of survey conducted during 'The Foreigner'. Thanks for your input.


Follow this link to 'The Foreigner' review

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Images from some TTT events & performances. 




Office-bearers and Committee members 2013-2014:

  • Maryanne Patten - President
  • Gay Bell - Vice President
  • Terry Roseburgh - Secretary
  • Peter Whitnall - Treasurer


  • Carleen Thoernberg
  • Michael Baker
  • Jaz Cornish
  • Claire Ramsay
  • Glen Barton
  • Fred Preston

Many thanks to the outgoing Committee for yet another successful year and a growing Troupe.



Recent productions

'Breaker' Morant - great success

Click here for images from the show

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Phone Gay: 5261 6112

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  • Front of house
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  • Lighting
  • Media relations
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  • Photography
  • Play reading
  • Programs
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  • Script writing
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  • Stage managing
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  • Ushering
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