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One Act play Eleven Fifty Six is being performed at Front Beach Cafe, Anglesea One Act Play Festival and Airey's Inlet Writer's Festival during August.

Eleven Fifty-Six written by Michael Pearcy
directed by Gay Bell
cast: Michael Baker, Terry Roseburgh, Fred Preston

Tues 18 August 6:00pm & Thurs 20 August 6:00pm Theatre Dinner, Front Beach Restaurant, 16 Esplanade Torquay
Bookings 52619752

Sat 22 or Sun 23 Aug Anglesea One Act Play Festival
Sat 29 August Theatre Dinner
Aireys Inlet Hotel

Who is this man found wandering, naked and confused, in a New York street?
And why is he so eager to leave a certain psychiatric institution?



Torquay Theatre Troupe proudly presents


By Michael Gow

Directed by Stacey Carmichael

Coming to the stage this November

The play details the holidays of three Australian families in 1968, each of whom have a particular crisis that they hope this will holiday will help resolve. Through a series of events the families are forced together on to the one beach and it is here that they finally begin to heal and accept their situations. A beautiful Australian drama that will be staged in a fresh and contemporary way.

For this production of Away, the director is seeking a cast of 8 principal roles and an ensemble of 4. All actors in the ensemble will have several speaking roles and will need to be able to change between characters. We are looking for both male and female actors aged 16 and over.



For an audition information pack that provides details about the production, characters and audition requirements please email

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Office-bearers and Committee members 2013-2014:

  • Maryanne Doolan - President
  • Gay Bell - Vice President
  • Terry Roseburgh - Secretary
  • Peter Whitnall - Treasurer


  • Carleen Thoernberg
  • Michael Baker
  • Jaz Cornish
  • Claire Ramsay
  • Glen Barton
  • Fred Preston

Many thanks to the outgoing Committee for yet another successful year and a growing Troupe.



Recent productions:

  • Cosi
  • 12 Angry Jurors
  • Breaker Morant

Click here for images from 'Breaker Morant'.

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