Hire rates



Hire rates are given below and depend on whether you are a Not For Profit Incorporated Association (NFP) or not. BUT don’t just add up the numbers and come to a total. There is a lot of flexibility in the costing depending on the frequency of your event (e.g. one-off, regular, occasional), what equipment you want (seating, lighting, sound), whether you need storage or security between events, what time of day you want to be in and out etc. etc.

If you want an accurate quote, please contact us well ahead so we can put the date in our Calendar and you can “talk turkey” with our Manager about how we can get your show on the road.

1. SPACE HIRE (includes Casual Hire and Regular Hire):

Includes access to:

  • Performance space, change room, toilet, backstage access door (see floor diagram)
  • Default seating
  • LED and fluorescent generic ceiling lighting
  • Heating
  • On-site induction session with caretaker

2. TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT HIRE (additional cost, if required)

  • Access to technical (light/A-V) equipment (see list below)
  • Technical assistance person available to advise, assist and approve technical set-up of on-site equipment and operator skills
  • A general (default) lighting setup. Approx. 6 LED lights on a suspended lighting grid (5.5M) directed towards a stage area. Changes / additions and returning to default stage lighting location will incur a fee.


  • A theatre technician will be REQUIRED for positioning of and/or changes to the block seating arrangement, lighting, A-V equipment. Advance notice (minimum 2 weeks) is required for set-up changes. Anything different from the default setting (see image below) will incur a charge for movement and replacement to default location.
  • Our technical adviser will assess the competency of the hirer’s operators and whether they are permitted to use the on-site technical equipment.
  • NOTE: Faults in hired equipment during rehearsal / performance e.g. light globes or fuse blowing, will not be charged and will be repaired between uses.

Hirers are required to provide their own public liability insurance to $10 million minimum.

Breakages and damages will be paid for by the hirer at a 15% surcharge

This NOT a licensed venue. Users must make their own arrangements for food and liquor sales on-site and supply all relevant paperwork to the Manager.

Please refer to the Conditions of Hire document prior to signing an Agreement.


HIRE FEES – 2023

Space Hire2 hour minimum$30.00/hr$50.00/hr
One-off hire (may be several performances of one show)Each additional hour$30.00$50.00

All day (6 hours) or part thereof$160.00$280.00


Access to performance space, public toilets, dressing room.

Ceiling (generic) house lighting


Mandatory induction session

Technical EQUIPMENT Hire (if required)Rates depend on equipment hired, number of items and duration.
Resources on-site: stage lights, lighting board, basic sound equipment, Data projector, curtains, stage/seating platforms and chairs (max 35 on platforms), 2 retractable seating blocks (total=100 in retractable seating)

TECHNICAL STAFF (if required)4 hour minimum$240.00$350.00

* Tech Assistance (between 2 and 4 persons) may be required to set up rostra (seating, staging), lighting, cabling if other than the default setting.

Emergency CallOut (if required)$150.00$150.00


  • Licos (incadescent) x 6
  • Fresnels (incadescent) x 8
  • Fresnels (LED) x 6
  • Robotic heads (LED) x 2
  • Various birdies
  • All with internal or external barn doors, safety cables, clamps
  • 20 x 240V electrical extension cords (3, 5 and 10 metres), double adapters and powerboards
  • NOTE: any electrical equipment supplied by the Hirer will need to be tested and tagged.

Default arrangement – approx.