The MAC Purpose (from The MAC Constitution) is

The MAC Committee will lease and manage a community asset in the Surf Coast Community and will use and develop it as a platform to increase the profile of emerging and established local artists with diverse practices in visual, performing and other arts, including community-led projects and touring shows.

The Performing Arts Management Group Mission is closely aligned with The MAC’s (naturally) and encourages community participation and involvement in the operation and use of the Centre.

Performing Arts groups and individuals CAN make money from performances and workshops. No problem. However, amateur groups or not-for-profit groups often perform for the love of it and don’t make much (any?) money from it.

We can’t easily distinguish whether you’re in it for money or not. The only ‘dividing line’ is whether you are an Incorporated Association or not. If not, we need to charge the ‘Other’ Rate as opposed to the ‘Not For Profit (NFP)’ Rate.

Getting an estimate involves discussion with our bookings officer. There is financial ‘give and take’ when it comes to making your booking and we want to encourage you to use the space.